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Silicone products features
  • About silicone rubber

    Silicone rubber is a highly active adsorbent and amorphous silica material. The chemical formula is xSiO2·yH2O. Silicone rubber is insoluble, non-toxic, flavorless, and flame resistant and is generally non-reactive.

  • Silicone rubber types

    Silicone rubbers are widely used in many different industries, as well as for household purposes. We can provide customers with the following types of silicone rubber material for silicone rubber processing according to their needs:

  • Silicone products manufacturing process

    Printing on silicone rubber surfaces is common in many industries, using pad printing and screen printing.

  • Silicone products features

    Heat resistance: Resistant to extreme environments and temperatures from -40 °C to 230 °C, can be used in microwaves and ovens;

  • Silicone products applications

    You will find silicone components in many different industries including construction, electronics, textiles, cars, machinery, leather, paper making, chemical industry, light industry, paints and coatings, metal, medical and pharmaceutical, etc.

  • Safe use of silicone products

    Qualified electronic products will not be damaged by static electricity in life, the same goes for the qualified silicone rubber. But in the case of over static electricity in the silicone rubber, we make an antistatic agent coating on the surface of silicone rubber or we can use some metal accessories for a substitute to discharge electricity accumulated on the silicone rubber.

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